Nov 19, 2010

i must share my excitement upon receiving my Ignatious Catholic Study Bible New Testament in the mail 2day...those of u who know me know i really dig Scott Hahn, then when u add Curtis Mitch 2 the mix it's crazy! so, since we're in Revelation 4 the daily readings...i'm diggin right in2 the back of the book!

Nov 15, 2010

it's in Revelation people!!!

"Yet I hold this against you:
you have lost the love you had at first.
Realize how far you have fallen.
Repent, and do the works you did at first.
Otherwise, I will come to you
and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent."

let's get ready 2 grow closer to Christ (again) in His child-like trust of us...peace b 2 u

Nov 13, 2010

file under Apostolic Exhortations

well this will b blowing up this coming week...i will spend the weekend checking
it out...u as a Bible Reading freak should check it out too!

'tis the new AE on the Word Of God from
B16 entitled 'VERBUM DOMINI'

Nov 8, 2010

well, the Pope is back from a short visit 2 Spain over the up on the trip here...

also, just finished another album 4 a client that turned out great! thanks b 2 God 4 the gift of music and working with a great family of being Kyle from Popple...he saved a song from near death with the mighty ukulele...thank u again Kyle...also much love 2 my wife and children 4 their continued support and sacrifice of time 2 get these projects done...i love u's...
the Catholic Underground Chicago stream was another success...the cats over at Spirit Juice Studios never cease 2 amaze me with their talent...u can re-live an evening with manCHILD here...

gigs still coming so i'm very thankful 2 that...have been recording alot of live gigs with the jazz, blues, and funk things i i'll pick a couple of those jams 2 post on the m3 SoundClick page...more info on that later

next on the agenda is working on praying and writing new material...please pray 4 me...