Jan 25, 2010

manuel3 and D-Major have released 1 of the jams from r session 2gether back in 2007...and m3 has a new song recorded especially 4 this project on Aftermass Records...4 Haiti Relief people!

now, the Catholic Underground Chicago show is going 2 b slammin!

the band has been giving me so much of their time and talent...i am truly blessed!
thank u jamie, curtis, ian, & macario

thank u 2 my wife and children who've also given me time 2 get the show 2gether...i love u

we will b streaming live the final rehearsal 4 the show on Saturday Jan 30th @ 3pm CT and also streaming the show live from the JP2 Center of the UIC campus...if u cannot make the show in Chi-Town, please check it out here

and Fr. Stan will b here @ m3studios on 2.4 2 work a final session in 4 his new album...so stay tuned...will also b streaming some of that, hmmm?

Jan 22, 2010

we r Losties here @ the Lopez household...if u saw this Lost post u'll remember...my wife and i really don't watch TV at all...when we do, besides Project Runway, this is a show we dig...bcuz of my brother Macario

the final season has come...

Jan 10, 2010

manuel3 live @ the redstone room 1.9.10

m3 - keys
jamie h - drums
spencer z - bass
ian j - gtr
manny l - trpt
eddie m - sax

Jan 7, 2010

Blessed 2 b featured in a local paper...thanks b 2 God!!!

read the article here

thank u 2 Stephanie 4 the opp...LOST fans unite!!!