Oct 28, 2010

All Hallows' Eve

ran in2 a couple of cats who questioned engaging in Halloween as a practicing Catholic...if u need some info on the true story of the Great Pumpkin, click here...

we here at the Lopez household r cool with watching Charlie Brown and dressing like Airbenders...look

but as a practicing Catholic try 2 also hit Mass on All Saints Day & All Souls Day...which is Nov. 1 & Nov. 2

thnx 2 phat catholic apologetics 4 never letting me down...peace nick

now, somebody save me a peanut butter cup!

Oct 26, 2010

while i get 2 mixing a new recording project we here @ m3studios did this past weekend, check out the new Fr. Stan YouTube Channel...

he has just left Poland and in Rome now on this, his 5th Annual JPII Poland/Rome Pilgrimage...he has some great footage and homily from the trip...so please peep the knowledge and pray 4 Father...

and here is some footage from the Congreso De Jóvenes trip w Fr Stan on Oct 10th...thank u Father 4 the looplooplooplooplooploop.......and ESNE TV 4 the love

Oct 12, 2010

Rob from SJS asked me 2 cover the 1969 Jefferson Airplane song "Volunteers" in a web commercial for Research Down Syndrome...i asked Ian 2 come play guitar and bass...all other sounds by m3...here is the finished product...

Oct 7, 2010

here is a sample of the m3studios session w The Barehanded Wolfchokers...thnx 2 Dave and the cats 4 trusting me on this project! mucho fun! (fyi: wiki says St Edmond the Martyr is the patron saint of wolves...but of course wiki cannot b considered dogma)