Jul 30, 2008

Guess who's coming 2 dinner?

Jul 23, 2008

The new Popple album has finally arrived!
Back in March the kids from Popple came over 2 m3 studios and cut some praise and worship tracks in the "upper room". 4 more info on this wonderful album click here

Jul 20, 2008

Pope B16 - World Youth Day 2008 - (Excerpt Of The Day)

Holy Mass for the 23rd World Youth Day - Sydney, Australia

"The Church also needs this renewal! She needs your faith, your idealism and your generosity, so that she can always be young in the Spirit (cf. Lumen Gentium, 4)! In today’s second reading, the Apostle Paul reminds us that each and every Christian has received a gift meant for building up the Body of Christ. The Church especially needs the gifts of young people, all young people. She needs to grow in the power of the Spirit who even now gives joy to your youth and inspires you to serve the Lord with gladness. Open your hearts to that power! I address this plea in a special way to those of you whom the Lord is calling to the priesthood and the consecrated life. Do not be afraid to say “yes” to Jesus, to find your joy in doing his will, giving yourself completely to the pursuit of holiness, and using all your talents in the service of others!"

Jul 19, 2008

Pope B16 - World Youth Day 2008 - (Excerpt Of The Day)

Vigil with the young people at Randwick Racecourse - Sydney, Australia

"The Holy Spirit is God eternally giving himself; like
a never-ending spring he pours four nothing less than himself. In view of this ceaseless gift, we come to see the limitations of all that perishes, the folly of the consumerist mindset. We begin to understand why the quest for novelty leaves us unsatisfied and wanting. Are we not looking for an eternal gift? The spring that will never run dry?"

Jul 18, 2008

Pope B16 - World Youth Day 2008 - (Excerpt Of The Day)

Ecumenical Meeting - Sydney, Australia

"We must guard against any temptation to view doctrine as divisive and hence an impediment to the seemingly more pressing and immediate task of improving the world in which we live. In fact, the history of the Church demonstrates that praxis is not only inseparable from, but actually flows out of didache or teaching. The more closely we strive for a deeper understanding of the divine mysteries, the more eloquently our works of charity will speak of God’s bountiful goodness and love towards all."

Jul 17, 2008

Pope B16 - World Youth Day 2008 - (Excerpt Of The Day)

Opening Ceremony - Sydney , Australia

"There is also something sinister which stems from the fact that freedom and tolerance are so often separated from truth. This is fueled by the notion, widely held today, that there are no absolute truths to guide our lives. Relativism, by indiscriminately giving value to practically everything, has made “experience” all-important. Yet, experiences, detached from any consideration of what is good or true, can lead, not to genuine freedom, but to moral or intellectual confusion, to a lowering of standards, to a loss of self-respect, and even to despair."

Jul 13, 2008

Ah yes...that Golden Age of Songwriting

a new old tune is up 4 download on the m3 SoundClick page featuring the vocal stylings of yours truly...

"They Can't Take That Away From Me" is a 1937 song written by the incredible team of George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin...
(me and my bro also write songs 2gether...but they sound nothing like this)


Jul 1, 2008

2008 - Toruń, Poland


Show broadcasted on Web - PT.1

Show broadcasted on Web - PT.2

Professor #1 - Drums
Paweł Głowacki - Bass
Grzegorz Kopala - Guitar
Professor #2 - Keys
Julia Kopala - Vox
Maciej Fortuna - Trumpet
Jarek Wachowiak - Sax
Piotr Banys - Trombone

SOS Video Interview & Performance

SOS Performance Snippet

SOS Radio Interview b4 Show (pics included)

Interview on Catholic Radio 'Radio Emaus' in Poznan


Rehearsal Update

The total of hours rehearsing the band in Poznan was about 9 hours...on 6.26 we had 7 hours of going thru the arrangements and grooves / horn parts...we spent some time on background vocals Thursday nite (especially learning how 2 annunciate the words)...and on 6.27 we had 2 hours in the afternoon...all very great musicians...i had 3 Professors of Music in the band!!!

R&B, Jazz, and Groove music r not very big in Poland...so 2 get a chance 2 play this music was very exciting 4 the players...we had long impromptu jam sessions bcuz they were such good soloists i had 2 hear them play!

The language thing was not bad when u have great players...i was able 2 show them over the keys what i wanted, and also on the drums...so once they picked up on what i was sayin' musically, it was cool...the rehearsals were actually in some places better then the performance...so much fun!


So-So much 2 say in a few moments...late starts, canceled flights, blessed craziness!!! Trusted in Jesus and Mary the whole time...and here i sit @ 22:08 Poland time...i am staying outside of Poznan in this beautiful country home surrounded by God's Earth...

here is Chi-Town...i left out of gate B16