Nov 20, 2008

Kyle of Popple fame hooked me up with Fr. Dave Dwyer on The Busted Halo Show 2nite via The Catholic Channel via Sirius Radio...

peep the podcast on the home page
or download the interview here

much love 2 AfterMass Records and the fine people @ Halo 4 this blessing

Nov 19, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI on St Paul and Justification

"It is precisely because of this personal experience of the relationship with Jesus that Paul places at the center of his Gospel an irreducible opposition between two alternative paths to justice: one based on the works of the law, the other founded on the grace of faith in Christ."

Nov 13, 2008

We must pray without tiring, for the salvation of mankind does not depend on material success; nor on sciences that cloud the intellect. Neither does it depend on arms and human industries, but on Jesus alone.
– St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

Nov 5, 2008

Vatican Hopes Obama Will Promote Human Dignity

Sam Cooke was right, a change IS gonna come...