May 26, 2009

can i post one mo' jam from the Redstone Room Sessions?
this is a little diddy i wrote back in December when i needed a song like this in the setlist i was putting 2gether at the time...i couldn't find a jam i thought would fit, so i wrote 1...

May 25, 2009

click 2 enlarge
Our Grandpo Vallejo

May 19, 2009

since my re-conversion back 2 the faith in 2001 all songs composed have been about scripture, the Lord, the Catholic faith, etc...but 4 the past couple of weeks i have been working after hours (and during hours) on 3 songs 4 my wife Risa's birthday (which is 2day)...she was always reminding me that i had not yet written any songs about her since the faith...(i say not true, she was in every one of those songs!...but i know what she meant)

i re-cut 'Day Dreaming' which is an Aretha Franklin song and one of her all time favs...'Quality Time' & 'I Call It U' are originals...thank u 2 Andy Crawford's guitar on 'Day Dreaming' and Ian Johnson's guitar on 'Quality Time'

SO, here they r 4 u 2 download and enjoy also...(she said it was cool)

Risa BDay Jams -> via the m3 SoundClick page

May 12, 2009

this went down last thursday...i love these guys!

Universal (outro - unreleased song)
Kingdom (Christ The King Mix)
We R The Light Of The World (traditional)

May 5, 2009

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (May 8-15, 2009)

Here is the Vatican website re-cap of texts from the Pope's Visit 2 The Holy Land...
Holy Land 2009 All Texts

Thank U Jesus 4 ur protection on B16s pilgrimage...

May 1, 2009

"Is this a good thing? or are you slamming me for being flaky? lol"

no, it's a good thing DJ

U might remember DJ JEDI from the old Funk And Faith nights on emancipation radio...this is a catholic brother from
Detroit (sorry about the Pistons bro, LeBron is 2 tough) and now has some old and new shows happening on FNF PODOMATIC...

support this brother, drop him a comment...he is 1 of the good ones...
much love and blessings DJ

also, a wonderful musician with the kinda chords i dig named Margo B. Smith sent this vid over about the beauty of children...a tune off her album Sending A Prayer entitled "Precious Unborn Child" her love 2