Dec 23, 2008

Dec 15, 2008

Here is a jam entitled "Little Drummer Boy goes 2 New Orleans" on the m3 SoundClick page
This track is from Christmas 2006 with the fellas...

Dec 12, 2008

Our Lady Of Guadalupe...pray 4 us

some people r saying i blog 2 much about Popple...
absolutely false...i happen 2 love these 2 men and they've been very good 2 me...we've worked on singles, albums, compilations, and videos naturally r ministries r intertwined alot...4 example, this past weekend

Dec 11, 2008

this was almost a month ago...can ya'll believe it?

Redstone Room
Davenport, Ia

Lois Deloatch - v
Willie Pickens - p
Ron Wilson - b
Manuel Lopez III - d

Dec 9, 2008

manuel3 attended the NCCYM 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio on Dec. 6th...

It was fantastic...met alot of my Catholic Music set was good...spent quality time with Popple...had marriage conversation with Kate...shook hands with Sarah, Noelle, Aaron, and DJ Bill...saw incredible musicianship and talent...Thank U Jesus and my wife