Mar 30, 2010

"If Jesus goes up to Jerusalem together with Israel on pilgrimage, he goes there to celebrate the Passover with Israel: the memorial of Israel's liberation -- a memorial that is always at the same time hope for the definitive liberation that God will give. And Jesus goes to this feast with the awareness that he himself is the Lamb spoken of in the Book of Exodus: a male lamb without blemish, which at twilight will be slaughtered before all of Israel "as a perpetual institution" (cf. Exodus 12:5-6, 14). And in the end Jesus knows that his way goes beyond this: It will not end in the cross. He knows that his way will tear away the veil between this world and God's world; that he will ascend to the throne of God and reconcile God and man in his body. He knows that his risen body will be the new sacrifice and the new Temple; that around him in the ranks of the angels and saints there will be formed the new Jerusalem that is in heaven and nevertheless also on earth. His way leads beyond the summit of the Temple mount to the height of God himself: This is the great ascent to which he calls all of us. He always remains with us on earth and has always already arrived [in heaven] with God; he leads us on earth and beyond the earth." Pope Benedict XVI - Palm Sunday 2010

Mar 21, 2010

Calling all Sista's...
Decca Records is launching a talent hunt aimed at religious orders around the globe in a bid to recruit a troupe of chart-topping nuns!

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Mar 19, 2010

"One can say that what Joseph did united him in an altogether special way to the faith of Mary. He accepted as truth coming from God the very thing that she had already accepted at the Annunciation. The Council teaches: "'The obedience of faith' must be given to God as he reveals himself. By this obedience of faith man freely commits himself entirely to God, making 'the full submission of his intellect and will to God who reveals,' and willingly assenting to the revelation given by him." This statement, which touches the very essence of faith, is perfectly applicable to Joseph of Nazareth." - JP2 August 1989 - REDEMPTORIS CUSTOS

Mar 18, 2010

2day is the Feast Day of St. Cyril of Jerusalem...2 celebrate, i present 2 u a jam entitled 'Mystagogy' that was recorded back in my Iowa City days...2 download click here

after a deep study of St. Cyril's "Mystagogical Catecheses" along with the CCC 1075...we hit the lab with this track...
Akalyte is featured on a hot 16...also has my other brother in Christ B.J. Jaggers playing the guitar like sprinkles on a stack of french toast! What?

Here is the opening prayer 4 2day's Mass:

through Cyril of Jerusalem
you led your Church to a deeper understanding
of the mysteries of salvation.
Let his prayers help us to know your Son better
and to have eternal life in all it's fullness.

Mar 17, 2010

Mar 16, 2010

"During Lent each of us is invited by God to bring about a change in our lives, thinking and living according to the Gospel, correcting something in our way of praying, of acting, of working and in our relations with others. Jesus makes this appeal to us not with a severity that is an end in itself but precisely because he is concerned about our good, our happiness, our salvation. On our part we have to answer him with a sincere interior effort, asking him to make us understand those particular things about us that we need to change." - POPE BENEDICT XVI - 7.10.10

Mar 15, 2010

it's the Papal Disco!...

one of the already considered "classic" trax from the fabulous Hip Hop Hooray album by Popple...this is 1 of the songs i had the esteem pleasure of performing with Kyle and Dan last fall @ NCYC in KC...this awesome video was produced and created by 8th graders...can u believe that?...and i just spent all day trying 2 get a scanner 2 work?'s Lent alright

Mar 3, 2010


- Benedict XVI today recalled the 200th anniversary of the birth of Fryderyk Chopin, mentioning the musician when he greeted Polish-speaking pilgrims at today's general audience.

Chopin, born in Poland on March 1, 1810, is known to be one of the pianist Pope's favorite composers.

Speaking in Polish, the Holy Father noted the celebrations of the Year of Fryderyk Chopin: "May the music of this famous Polish composer, who made such a great contribution to the culture of Europe and the world, bring those who listen to him close to God and help them discover the depth of man's spirit."